RBH-FR-2200 Series

RBH-FR-2200 Series

The FR-2200 combines long range with a smaller footprint making it ideal for cost sensitive access applications where pressing a button is more convenient than presenting a card. The FR-2200 is ideal for long range access control applications, such as gates, raising and lowering barriers, arming and disarming alarm systems, as well as those applications calling for emergency duress. The receiver was designed to output Wiegand data on two channels and install similar to our proximity readers for easy integration to most access control systems.

Advanced antenna-free technology utilizes 433 MHz UHF frequency and offers up to 100 feet of read range. Having dual Wiegand outputs built-in, allows a single FR-2200 to control 2 adjacent doors or parking gates. Each button on a 2-button transmitter can control one of the 2 adjacent doors by installing 2 receivers within each other’s range. Use with RBH-TR-2-A transmitters.

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