Interfacing with a wide variety of 3rd party building management, security and industrial control equipment can be challenging and costly. Our PC-100 hardware ASCII gateway is designed make this integration much easier and less expensive than conventional input/output means.

Via ASCII message exchange, PC-100 allows AxiomV to monitor status of inputs and various events on 3rd party systems for logging, graphical display and automation sequence triggering. It also makes it possible to control 3rd party systems by issuing ASCII coded commands.
In combination with our AxiomV’s universal, field configurable software ASCII interface and OPC Server, PC-100 makes our product offering even more relevant in the building management, security and industrial control markets.

 SafeSuite Integration

Using PC-100 as a getaway between SafeSuite keypads and Digital SIA Dialer (KE-SDACT) for direct Site to Central station hardware-only reporting capability not reliant on AxiomV Communications and Messaging Servers being on-line with the local site.

 Digital Elevator Control

Replacing relay control of buttons, it also allows for destination floor monitoring and various other functions. Any modern elevator with an ASCII interface (and published format) combined with our PC-100 will reduce cost of elevator control by eliminating cross-wiring, much of AxiomV hardware and relay interface card costs.

 Industrial Controls

Use AxiomV to authorize and control industrial processes while bringing their status into AxiomV for display on interactive maps, CCTV integration and history reports.  A variety of functions can be secured and automated with this simple to implement integration.

 Building Energy & Climate Management

Turning on lights or adjusting temperature based on personnel movements and occupancy levels is now possible with vast majority of ASCII capable systems. Low cost solution for displaying and logging building management events for after- hours monitoring by security personnel, for example, can be combined with our Interactive Guard Tour to help attain most efficient use of staff.

 Burglar Alarm Integration

Reduce complexity, hardware and wiring costs by cross mapping inputs, outputs and commands between AxiomV and 3rd party burglar alarm panels. Add AxiomV’s CCTV integration capability to Burglar Alarm panels of various manufacturers.

 Many other applications

 Digital Phone Systems
 Audio and Video Intercoms
 Data acquisition and display
 CCTV integration
 And much, much more...

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