Ultra Secure
Mobile Credentials

The blueLINE™ line of readers and credentials easily adapts to any of your access control needs. The versatility of blueLINE™ covers all types of applications, from small businesses to large corporations.


The blueLINE series of credential readers combines proven technologies of the past with the emerging technologies of today. Through one product line a customer can maximize the benefits of all credentials complying to ISO-14443 A & B, MiFARE, DESFire (EV1 & EV2), Fingerprint, OSDP version 1 & 2, Ultra-High Security Credentials (UHSC), Mobile Credentials, NFC and Bluetooth to create a customizable security solution that’s right for their infrastructure. blueLINETM has an ergonomic, aesthetically pleasing design that fits all solutions from the smallest user to the largest corporation. blueLINETM reads up to 128 bit cards.

The blueLINETM series of readers are ergonomically designed with tri-colored LED’s and backlighting for dim environments. Single gang, mullion, and European box sizes are available. See your dealer for a complete parts list. The RBH-BFR350 series is a biometric reader designed and completely integrated into all of RBH security software platforms for quick and easy biometric enrollment. For fingerprint only or credential and fingerprint validation the BFR series is right for any application.

Readers in the blueLINETM series are capable of using DESFire (EV1 & EV2) credentials for the highest of security standards. Communication to controllers can be using standard Wiegand or OSDP version 1 & 2 for increased security where maximum integrity and tamper conditions are required.
Introducing UHSC or Ultra High Security Credentials. All blueLINETM readers use UHSC via NFC or Bluetooth on respective devices. UHSC are a free virtual credential for Android and IOS where the App creates a virtual credential on the device.

A Manufacturer does NOT manufacture ortrack your credential. This removes the possibility of a virtual credential hack or duplication of virtual credential. End users are not dependent on manufacturers shipping or managing credentials making UHSC a much higher form of security and at the same time extremely economical.

5 Minutes

Because of its easy and fast installation, your access control system can be updated or replaced in a matter of minutes.


Ideal for all types of access

• Doors

• Elevators

• Parking lots

• Garages

• Lockers

and much more!

blueLINE™ Series of Readers

For the highest security standards, blueLINE™ can be used with Mifare and DESfire credentials, as well as fingerprint and blueLINE™ mobile credentials featuring UHSC technology. Communication with the controllers by standard Wiegand or OSDP.

Why choose blueLINE™

Discover the power of having blueLINE on your side

With +4 billion card number combinations rest assured that the blueLINE credential never gets duplicated.  In addition, the mobile & MiFARE DESFire EV1 credentials are fully encrypted.

The blueLINE mobile credentials download and auto-install ready for use in under a minute. Use the built-in sharing tool to forward your secure credential via email or text message to your access control system administrator and you are ready to go.

The mobile credentials download and auto-installs ready for use without the need for any additional configuration. Users of all ages should be able to use the mobile credential without any additional training.

RBH does not gather nor store any user information, ever!

RBH engineers paid special attention to this often overlooked issue. The mobile credential will only use a minimum amount of battery each time you elect to transmit the encrypted code to the reader. With only 1% of battery life left you can still safely gain access at multiple access points.

The RBH mobile blueLINE credentials are free. As long as you have access to the GOOGLE PLAY STORE or the APP STORE the mobile credentials can be downloaded at no cost.

RBH engineers can accompany you in the process and implementation so that you can start using blueLINE ™ right away

Adaptable for all applications

From corporations to retail stores to universities and more, blueLINE ™ is a fast, secure solution with a minimal investment.

• High Volume Access
• Warehouses & Parking
• Offices
• Lockers
• Elevators


Works with RBH Access Systems, AxiomXa, AxiomV and Integra32, as well as the most other systems on the market

Easily integrated
blueLINE ™ technology allows integration with other access control and security systems.

Bluetooth or NFC
Works on all Android and iOS devices. (NFC compatible with Android only)

Over 4 billion combinations make it impossible to track, hack or duplicate.

blueLINE ™ readers allow different types of physical credentials and key fobs.

Get to Know the NEW WAY to access

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