Management System

Integra32 Security Management System seamlessly integrates Access Control, Intrusion Alarms, Elevator Control, CCTV & DVR, Biometric Authentication, Photo ID, Building Automation, and ON and Offsite Alarm Monitoring, into an elegant and versatile building management and security system.


Integra32’s advanced .NET architecture is specifically designed to take advantage of Microsoft Windows operating systems. This user-friendly software ensures that security management needs are met easily and economically with minimal training.

With a fully featured client or Web browser access to system management, Integra32 addresses all security management needs for small and medium-size businesses and organizations. There is no limit to system expansion with an in-place upgrade path to our AxiomV Enterprise Security Management System.

Here are some of the features included…

  • Integration with RBH View 
  • Integration with RBH Biometric readers 
  • Mobile App 
  • Web Client
  • Upgrades within the same version
  • Support for Blueline Readers
  • Support for Free UHSC mobile credentials
  • Support for IOC8


Integra stands up to the challenge of bringing together different aspects of security management.

High Security Mode

Dynamically suspend and re-instate access privileges for regular cardholders while maintaining access for specially authorized cards. This mode can be activated by a “Four Swipe”, system link, or an operator command from any
Security Workstation.


Global and local anti-passback supports soft or hard enforcement and anti-tailgating. This feature also includes scheduled area reset, live status monitoring and timed anti-passback.

First Person Delay

Doors on an automatic unlock schedule will only unlock after the first person with valid ID enters for the day

Man Trap / Air lock / Sally Port

A collection of doors where one door of a mantrap cannot be unlocked and opened until the opposite door has been closed and locked, or the person had been identified and approved

Multiple Door Alarms

Forced entry, door held open, access denied, and panic alarms are available for each access point.


Customize the automation of alarms, locks, reports and more with Integra.

Global Link Commands

Turn on lights and HVAC or arm and disarm an alarm system all with a simple swipe of a card. Global link commands allows building automation with unlimited possibilities.

Multi Swipe Functionality

2-Swipe: Locks/Unlocks Door
4-Swipe: Door’s High Security On/Off
3 & 5-Card Swipe: Custom Actions

Elevator/Lift Control

Integra provides an inexpensive, simple way to automate access of up to 32 floors per controller.

Scheduled Lock and Unlock

Doors can lock and unlock on multiple pre programmed schedules with safeguards such as first person delay.

Emailing Alarms

Allows any system event such as forced entry, door held open, access denied, or even panic alarm to be sent to a desired standard email account on a schedule or in real time.


Integra stands up to the challenge of bringing together different aspects of security management.

Visitor Management

Identify, record, and track visitors within the establishment. Issue temporary IDs, record photos and track their whereabouts.

Photo-ID & Badging

A fully integrated Photo ID module is designed to provide an easy to use and powerful tool for creating high quality personalized credentials.

VMS Integration

Integrate video with the most popular brands of VMS systems supported. Video can be brought up on alarms, or requests to enter/exit to allow greater visibility.

Browser and Mobile Support

Configuring the Web Server on the Integra system, will allow operators to control and administer the security system via a web browser or mobile phone

Integrated Biometric Support

Integra makes use of biometric methods of user identification and verification even more convenient by integrating fingerprint enrollment into the cardholder management screen.


Integra can be the ideal solution for a small office or a multi-site corporation, and when it is time to upgrade the transition can be seamless

Multiple Site Management

Control an unlimited number of sites from a single location with individual databases, graphics and history segregation

Advanced Client-Server Design

Includes 10 simultaneous full function clients over LAN / WAN.

Expandable to 128 Doors

Integra comes with the ability to control 64 doors, but if more is needed, it is possible to expand to 128 doors.

Field Upgradeable to Enterprise

Integra can grow with you. The controllers are upgradeable to Axiom with a simple, in place firmware upgrade.

Discover the power of Integra32