Elegance Connectivity Functionality

SafeSuite has been specifically designed for complete integration with the AxiomV Enterprise Security Management System to allow for flexible offsite notification and onsite interaction with the building’s security and elevator controls


The Safesuite Series of Controllers ushers in a new area in Security design and deployment. Combining Access Control, Burglar Alarm, Keypad Arming Stations and Monitoring functionality into an unprecedented Controller and complete security solution…. The SS2014 PoE Keypad! The SS2014 is designed to fit into any Security application that requires Access Control and Burglar Alarm functionality such as Home, Small Business, Corporate, Industrial and Condominiums.

The unique design is optimized to leverage building infrastructure for a fast and economical deployment in the LAN/WAN environment. This negates the requirement to install a separate dedicated RS485 communication infrastructure saving time and money! The Safesuite SS2014 is expandable and flexible with up to 256 alarm zones available to each keypad and an unlimited number of keypads there is never any need to install multiple Burglary controllers in a facility even if the buildings are not on the same property.

Packed with features such as built in Access Control, PoE Plus, Email notification, SMS notification, the SS2014 now defines the new standard in the Security industry. For retrofitting existing buildings that already have proprietary wiring in place, the New SS2014 PoE Keypad includes a backwards compatibility channel to utilize the old wiring when LAN/WAN might not exist. Complete with remote access via web or App this New Keypad/Access Control/Alarm Panel truly does have it all.

Elegance Connectivity Functionality