Management System



Current Software Release Versions 

Integra32 R5 v5.1.8 

RBH software support and software upgrades within the same release version are available free of charge for systems where the Software Support Expiry Date / Maintenance End Date has not lapsed.

Integra32TM Release 5.0 Security System software comes with a 14 day trial period, after which the system will not run unless the user registers with RBH to activate.

Download registration instructions HERE

*Download of Integra32 R5.0 (file size 1.06 GB)

Support Period

  • Log into the Integra32 Server / Workstation
  • Select the HELP menu and then the ABOUT option and you should see the following:

Software Extensions

One year of support is included with new installations.

Support includes:

  • Dealer and End User technical support during normal business hours
  • Upgrades during support period
  • Support renewal costs are based upon support expiry date

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