The new generation of our powerful and reliable IP based AxiomV hardware line extends functionality while reducing the size of the package. Utilizing latest developments in electronic component technology it packs more functionality and features into a smaller size without sacrificing serviceability.

Next generation 32-bit processor with hardware encryption and expanded memory, drastically increases the system capacity in doors, cards and history event log while opening exciting opportunities of new functionality.

Certain UNC-500 controller models come equipped with PoE capability and a 2 port hardened switch
Augmented with onboard battery backup with the ability to bolster power output when necessary.

19” rack mount for IT style configurations or wall mount for more traditional installations, UNC-500 delivers a lot of features in an attractive package. Wall mount unit fits into existing enclosures and if ordered with metal protective shell can be mounted directly on back boards or inside of 3rd party cabinets. Compact rack mount foot print efficiently utilizes rack space to provide 2 or 8-door packages in a slim and functional design.

1U rack mount enclosures come with a variety of available trim options: easy wiring with modular connectors on the back or 1/2-3/4” knockouts for secure cable management. Fixed mount or pull out rails make this a versatile solution for a number of requirements.

The numerous UNC-500 configurations provide the highly sought after flexibility required for demanding solutions.

Whether configured as...
• a single IP-port, pure EDGE controller managing 50,000 unique 10-digit card numbers and storing 30,000 off line transactions in its event buffer
• an 8 door high-density 1U 19" rack mount controller with dual, high-availability Ethernet ports
• A maximum capacity controller featuring the on-board two-port Ethernet hardened switch, 3 fully configurable RS485 network ports and 8MB RAM capable of managing 300,000 unique 10-digit card numbers and 100,000 off line transactions in its event buffer
...The UNC-500 has you covered.

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